About  Zeelah Music Distribution

Zeelah Music is an online music distribution platform and also an online store in Cameroon. With our online store, our clients can make their purchases through Momo/Orange Money and more.

We also distribute on other platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and 150+ other platforms.
We also do digital marketing for artists who want people to know about their music.

Our vision is to make people’s lives better and we do that by bringing to the music they love and on the other part ameliorating the lives of artists by helping them sell their music.

Statistics show that 95% of young Cameroonians today use smartphones. Zeelah Music Distribution sees this as the opportunity to reach out to both the music consumers and the artists with their services. 

We at Zeelah do not own any music, our only aim is to help artists reach out to their fans all over the nation.


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